Chesneys – COVID19 policy for customers, suppliers and partners – June 10th 2020


These are unprecedented times and this policy should be seen as interim and as a response to the information currently at our disposal. Should circumstances change we will update as required.

Chesneys will continue to supply its full suite of products so long as this does not put the health of our staff, partners or customers at risk.

To this end, we have taken the following steps:

• Chesneys’ New York showroom will be open by appointment only from June 23rd. Only two clients will be allowed in the showroom at any one time. Appointments can be made with the sales team via phone or email. All staff will be taking the necessary precautions including the use of masks, frequent hand washing, and social distancing. Clients will be required to do the same.

• We encourage our clients to explore our recently updated web site for extensive information on our products and materials. Additionally, we ask that payments be made by credit card or bank transfer during this time.

• We are consulting with our supply chain on a daily basis as regards product availability and currently have 100% supply of all of our major product lines. We are however experiencing delays with transportation and therefore will advise of delivery lead times on an individual basis.

• Deliveries continue to be available where they can be executed safely. Installations and site surveys have recommenced, and are being performed in accordance with the NY Department of Health guidelines. Chesneys will continue to hold product at no charge in our warehouse for projects that are on hold as long as there remains space to do so.

The above policy will be updated as guidelines are issued by the government. We look forward to serving you during this time.